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The money of tomorrow is here!

The Utrust Wallet is your one-stop shop for online payments with digital currencies. At Utrust, we are building the perfect payment solution, whatever your needs are. With the Wallet, you can use digital currencies to shop for everyday goods and products with Utrust in a way that is safe, easy, and just works. You can store, send and use all your tokens directly from the app, regardless of whether you’re using Bitcoin, Ethereum or our very own UTK. The Utrust Wallet processes transactions instantly within our platform, which allows us to cut on blockchain validation waiting times.

Yes, it’s seamless.

Here’s what it does:

• It keeps your digital assets safe and always at hand.
You can store them, send them, and buy everyday products all from one simple app. This is your gateway to online payments with Bitcoin, Ethereum and UTK.

• It allows you to use your everyday money with the Utrust payment widget at any time.
Wait times are in the past. We are the future. With instant payments, we manage to not only save you money, but also time.

• Instant purchases with Utrust payments platform;
• Instant transactions to Utrust Wallet users;
• No fees for transactions inside the Utrust Wallet;
• For transactions outside the wallet, you only pay the transaction fees. No hidden costs;
• Borderless, feeless transactions to anyone in the world;
• Cashback and staking (coming in 2020)

[+] Use any major currency
Our flexible solution lets you decide which digital assets to pay with so you can take advantage of market conditions;

[+] Faster, cheaper, easier payments
Purchasing with Utrust means cutting the transaction process short. That means low fees and near-instant transactions. Making a payment becomes as easy as scanning a QR code;

[+] Send digital currencies to just about anyone
Want to send some crypto to friends or family? Now you can. Around the world. Without extra costs. Person-to-person transactions with the Utrust Wallet are hassle-free;

[+] Be a part of the Utrust Ecosystem
The Utrust Wallet is your entry point to a unique world of special opportunities and unique deals with our growing gallery of Utrust Merchants. Not only that, but within our community you can send and receive digital assets to and from everyone, everywhere, and get unique advantages.
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